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Role at Oak + Willow

Partner and Managing Director


Moultrie, Georgia


Master of Mass Communication: Public Relations - University of Georgia

Bachelor of Science: Agricultural Communication - University of Georgia

Life Beyond Oak + Willow

My after work hours are consumed with family. Having two teenagers, Carolyne and Ret, my husband Richie and I are either at the tennis courts, the baseball diamond, the football field, or in the show pig barn living out the dreams of the kiddos. Every now in then, I’m able to squeeze in a trip to the beach and cut flowers from the yard and garden. I LOVE fresh flowers.

Go to on My Desk

My planner…I can’t live without my day written out.

Favorite Branch on the Tree

THE PEOPLE! If you want to understand a brand, you have to understand the people and history behind it. Connecting and collaborating with people makes me happy.

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