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Role at Oak + Willow

Partner and Creative Director


Nashville, Georgia


Master of Science: Agricultural Education and Communication, specialization: Agricultural Communication - University of Florida

Bachelor of Science: Agricultural Economics - Sales + Marketing and Agricultural Communication - Purdue University

Life Beyond of Oak + Willow

When all of my to-do lists for Oak + Willow are crossed off for the day, you'll find me spending time with my husband, Chandler, and pup, Gracie Mae. Together, we own and operate Bar A Ranch, which is registered and commercial beef cow operation in addition to row crops, cotton, peanut, corn and hay. We do have a small show heifer division of our registered herd, and we sell a select few heifers as 4-H projects each year. On the weekends when we are not in the cow pasture or crop fields at home, you can find us at a cattle show. So to say the least, my time outside of Oak + Willow is consumed with the #aglife. Experiencing new adventures with my family (from Ohio to Iowa to Georgia) brings my heart joy. Sketching and painting for fun and visiting any beach are treats when spare time happens to slip into our schedule.

Go to on My Desk

My laptop and planner - they are two-for-one team! My planner lays everything out and allows me write anything and everything down, and my laptop brings everything in my planner to life related to Oak + Willow.

Favorite Branch on the Tree

Creative strategy. This is where my two career passions come together. The strategy to make a plan that then comes to life through the creative process. It brings all the hard work, big and small pieces, and people of the brand into one space.

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